Wedding hair comb by hand

hair comb

Hair style is an element of the bride’s image, on which a lot of time is spent on the wedding day, because it must be flawless. But no matter how fancy the style is, it looks incomplete without additional decor.


One of these accessories is a wedding hair comb. This is an independent decoration, which will give even the simplest hairstyle beauty and sophistication. At the same time, it is self-sufficient, it is easy to fasten, and it is securely held on the head.


What kind of combs for wedding hairstyles


Although all combs are quite beautiful, wedding combs stand out in a separate group. They are more decorated, which makes them difficult to wear in everyday life.


There are two classifications of combs: according to material or appearance. Combs are made of such materials:

  • plastic;
  • wood;
  • metal.


Depending on the appearance:

  1. Floral design is one of the most popular motifs used for wedding combs. The decor material can be anything, the main thing is that floral motifs are present.
  2. Metal comb decorated with stones, pearls or beads. Most often it has an abstract pattern, which can be asymmetrical or proportional. At the same time this design is distinguished by its austere appearance.
  3. Diadem comb – the accessory has a triangular shape and can be used as a comb, or as a diadem for high hairstyles. Because of the second function, such jewelry comes only symmetrical.
  4. A comb decorated only with rhinestones is quite a bold decision: apart from the stones nothing is visible, and this gives the accessory a heavy weight and requires moderation and thoughtful design from the creator, otherwise it will look vulgar and inappropriate.
  5. Designer solutions – such models cannot be classified in the previous categories because of the unusual way of decoration. For their creation any materials can be used, as well as shapes. Most often such combs are handmade and exist in a single copy. But such a design is suitable for brides whose wedding is not planned in a classical style.

How to choose a comb for wedding hair – tips


All wedding combs are beautiful, which makes it seem that any can fit. But like other accessories, the comb must match the image of the bride. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the following steps before you buy the jewelry:

  1. What kind of outfit the bride will be wearing, and what is planned to decorate it with. This serves as a starting point for choosing accessories, which should be made in the same style as the dress.
  2. What other costume jewelry will be used. It is important to remember – that the more other jewelry, the smaller the comb should be.
  3. What kind of hairstyle is planned – there are models that will look good with loose hair, while others are only suitable for tight hairstyles.
  4. You need to determine where the jewelry will be placed (gathering, top, bottom). If you plan to wear a large comb, you should pay attention to whether it repeats the curve of the head. Otherwise, the accessory will stick out of the hair with one end unsightly.


How to make your own hands a comb for wedding hairstyles


If the newlyweds plan to hold a wedding in an unusual style, or the bride can not find a suitable decoration – it is possible to create it yourself.


Very beautiful and unusual looks comb, comb comb comb comb comb comb comb comb comb comb comb comb comb comb with metal jewelry. How to make such an accessory with your own hands can be seen in the video.


But before you start assembling a comb, you need to decide what shape it will be and how to place the decor elements.


It is best to draw an outline on paper and lay out the elements on it. This will allow you to save time, because you will not have to remake unsuccessful parts.


In this case, the design of the decoration will be more harmonious, and because of this the appearance of the bridal will be much better than with an ill-conceived comb. The combs with a floral design are best made asymmetrical. Such decor imitates nature, so it is important to show the uniqueness of real plants.


The most familiar and common decoration for wedding hairstyles are hairpins. But they have become so commonplace that brides have found an exquisite replacement for them – a hair comb.