Wedding makeup step by step

wedding makeup

The appearance and beauty of the girl depends on the correct application of decorative cosmetics. The wedding makeup should be taken even more seriously. The perfect eyebrows, the right eye shadow, lush eyelashes.  How to do everything to look stunning? Here is an instruction on how to make a wedding makeup step by step.


What will be needed in the process.


Many brides wonder how to do makeup itself, and what will be needed for this? We offer a detailed list of tools, without which you can not do without in the process of applying makeup. All of them should be of the highest quality, so that your makeup will last on your face until the end of the holiday evening.


  • Makeup base products. They can help to properly even the tone of the face, to hide minor flaws and makeup will hold for a long time and much better.
  • Toner. Work with light and light shades that perfectly match your facial tone. There is no need to experiment and use cosmetics with a tan effect or very dark tones. It is also possible to use a bronze powder, which makes accents on the cheekbones, chin and forehead.
  • The eye shadows are better to choose variants of liquid shadows.
  • Eyeliner or a pencil. If you plan to visually express the eyes, you can not do without such means. Make-up artists recommend using not only aggressive black, but also more delicate blue, brown and green.
  • Blush. Use soft, and barely noticeable means with which you can refresh the complexion.
  • Eyebrow pencil. It is best used to highlight your eyebrows. Shadows quickly crumble, so they will not give the desired effect.
  • Lipstick or gloss. You can use the classic pink shades or pay attention to brighter colors. When accentuating the eyes, it is best to use pastel lipsticks.

Step by step instructions


Applying makeup is not a simple matter, which requires considerable stamina and knowledge. If you want to create your own makeup, consider some recommendations. So how to make wedding makeup with your own hands step by step?


First, you need to work on the foundation and skin tone leveling.


  1. Apply a moisturizer to your face, which will protect the skin and make it smooth. It is best if you use a gel-based product for this purpose, without oils. It is in this case, the cosmetics will hold much better.
  2. Cover problem areas with concealer. It is applied to pimples, redness, dark circles under the eyes. There is no need to rub the product all over the face, as you can get ugly and irrelevant “mask effect”. Corrector is applied with a brush or fingers, and it is necessary to blend it well, so there will be no thick layers. Redness is well concealed with a greenish remedy, and bruises under the eyes – beige corrector.
  3. Applying foundation. Choose a lightweight and high-quality cream for these purposes, which will not even be noticeable on the face. Apply the foundation with a sponge, distributing it evenly all over the face. Brush the product on your neck and décolleté area.
  4. Apply a transparent powder to the face, which will fix the makeup and prevent shine. It is best to use a natural hair brush for this purpose.
  5. Apply blush to the cheekbones, using a thick brush. A few light strokes are enough.


When the base is ready, you can proceed to the decorative makeup. blonde girls will do with pastel soft colors, and brunettes can try brighter versions of makeup.


If you want to make a quality makeup, we offer step by step instructions with photos to create your own wedding makeup. This option of applying makeup is universal and suitable for almost all brides.


  1. Apply on the eyelid up to the eyebrows shadows of light natural tone. They will be your base.
  2. On the outer corner of the eyelid apply a few dark brown shadows, smooth them well.
  3. Draw the contours of the lower and upper eyelid with a black or brown pencil.
  4. Paint the eyelashes with waterproof mascara in two layers. It is also possible to glue in artificial eyelashes, but they should look as natural as possible.
  5. Apply a bronze matte powder on the bridge of the nose, chin, cheekbones and the hairline. Do not overdo it, as the product should be barely visible.
  6. Choose a lipstick and apply it to the lips with a brush. After that, cover it with a colorless gloss.

wedding makeup

Recommendations and tips from makeup artists


Stylists give useful tips that will make your makeup look even more spectacular:

  • Decide what kind of makeup you’re going to do long before the wedding. Make a test makeup and take a picture. Then try a few more options to understand which one suits you best.
  • When choosing a makeup, consider the color of your dress, skin tone and eye color. All this is very important in order to create a correct and harmonious image.
  • Take care of your skin condition. Two to three months before the wedding, visit a beautician and have a peeling and other procedures. As a result, your face will be fresh and radiant.
  • Do not be afraid to use correctors and concealers. If properly applied, you can reliably hide various skin defects.
  • Be sure to consider the importance of the right foundation for makeup. With its help, the makeup will stay on the face as long as possible.


Possible mistakes during the creation of the image


Affect the makeup and make it not so beautiful, may errors such as these:

  • The use of inappropriate colors. For example, choosing the wrong shade of eye shadow or blush.
  • Oily glitter. Some people may think that it looks beautiful. In fact, it is not. You should choose matte powders to complete your makeup, to hide the excessive shine of your skin.
  • Ungroomed and unhealthy skin. Ignoring the rules of preparing the face for the wedding makeup, the girl risks going under the crown in the company of pimples, redness and other problems.
  • Choosing low-quality cosmetics. It can crumble, leak, or quickly lose its beauty.


The wedding eye makeup step by step will allow you to create a perfectly beautiful makeup for your celebration. You will please yourself and those around you, and you won’t have to worry about your appearance. A properly applied makeup will last until the evening.