What is cocktail attire for a wedding

What is cocktail attire for a wedding

A wedding is a pleasant and exciting event for both the guests and the guests themselves. But if the bride and groom should only organize the celebration, the guests have a more serious mission – to become a perfect addition to the overall celebration and beneficially blending into its style to share the joy of young people. It’s not strange that every girl invited to the wedding strives to choose a festive dress and think out her own image to details.

In the past few years, as an outfit for the wedding, guests are increasingly choosing cocktail dresses. But how to choose a style that is ideal for a certain type of figure, what should you know about fashion trends, and what is better to complement the image?



The first thing you should be guided by when selecting an outfit for each guest is the format of the event. If it is informal and will be held in the daytime somewhere outdoors, you should refuse dresses with lots of stresses and embellishments, and give preference to lighter fabrics and flowing styles.

A wedding in semiformal style takes place closer to the evening in any – an institution, so if you want to look stylish, choose dresses with a simple neat cut, smart, but not too bulky, bright, but not provocative.

For a formal event, taking place later in the day and in a fancy restaurant, it is better to choose a sophisticated dress of expensive fabrics and do not be afraid of the abundance of ornaments in the form of rhinestones and other details.

But still, you should not forget about the following important rule – it is simply ugly to overshadow the bride with your decoration. Rejecting too puffy, pretentious and motley dresses you will not only show respect for the young, but also convince others of their own resistibility.

How to choose a cut according to your body type

In the case of a cocktail dress for a wedding, this rule is as relevant as ever. Even if you learn how to choose an outfit based on the status of the event, it can’t guarantee that you’ll look great at your wedding.

Choose a truly perfect outfit you will succeed only in the case, if, taking into account the above-mentioned rules, you will be guided by the peculiarities of your figure. What do girls need to know about a certain silhouette?


If, despite the complete absence of the waist and a slightly noticeable tummy, a girl can boast of shapely legs and beautiful breasts, she should refuse tight and trapeze dresses, as well as those that are supplemented with a belt. But she should choose free cutting dresses with an inflated waist. It will be good if they will be decorated with drapery elements and distinguished by a V – shaped neckline.


If the main advantage of the girl is the magnificent hips and a thin waist, then even with a lack of capacity in the chest area, she will look great. The main thing is to choose dresses with a classic cut, namely cases and trapezes. You can also opt for dresses with a high waist in the Greek style, flounces and ruffles in the neckline are also welcome, but it is better to refuse too tight dresses.


Girls who are really lucky with the figure can choose straight and tight models. Dresses with a corset and styles with a belt are ideal. The only thing to refuse is dresses with a shapeless cut, because hiding a thin waist, puffy breasts and appetizing hips behind a dress is simply a crime.


Girls with massive shoulders and small hips often suffer from – for their boyish figure. But this does not mean that they should refuse beautiful cocktail dresses. Choosing a model with asymmetry can favorably modify the silhouette, making the figure more proportional. Dresses with a slanted skirt or one strapless are the ideal option.

Choosing a dress depending on the time of year

They say that beauty requires sacrifice, so girls often sacrifice convenience for the sake of attractiveness. But in the pursuit of beauty, should not forget that the outfit must necessarily match the season. The situation where a chic light dress forces the girl to shake all night in the cold season will be disadvantageous not only for her health, but also for the overall impression of the person. A few sensible tips to help make the right choice.


In the frosty time of the year, you should give up shortened models of dresses made of light fabrics. But the layered dresses of thick knitwear, satin and brocade will be perfect. Also keep in mind the sleeve length, which should not be shortened. In a pinch, the outfit should be completed with a cape.

In the spring and autumn

Here are allowed a shorter model of dresses, but they should be supplemented with more insulated things. Tight pantyhose, boots or high boots will fit well with the overall style. The fabric of the outfit must be dense.

In summer

But in the hot season it is better to give preference to outfits made of the lightest flowing fabrics such as linen, cotton and chiffon. Cropped models, styles with strapless and short sleeves, flowing dresses – all this is welcome at a summer wedding.

What is cocktail attire for a wedding

Popular colors

Today’s fashion is especially favorable to the shades of dresses for the wedding. This means that guests can choose an outfit in any color they want. But there are also a few rules for the selection of shades, which fashion experts advise not to violate when it comes to the wedding reception. Thus, the dress of the guests should not merge with the bride’s outfit or stand out too much against it. If a girl wants to be a fashionable guest, she should choose shades that are especially relevant this season.


If you are not a bridesmaid, you can safely follow the advice of Coco Chanel and choose a little black dress for the celebration. Keep in mind that a small dress will look best in this color. Puffy outfits with layered long ones will look too mournful on a bright wedding celebration.


Dresses of the color of passion will suit both bridesmaids and other invitees. This shade is particularly relevant this season, and in addition will advantageously set off the snow-white gown of the hero of the occasion, if she chose this. Keep in mind that scarlet shades are more suitable for dresses of light fabrics, and darker shades, such as burgundy or wine, are better for dense gowns.


An option that can be called taboo for a wedding celebration is a white dress. This color is a classic, but for the bride’s outfit, so if you do not want to offend the guilty party, do not choose such an outfit. If too eager, remember that the white shade should not occupy a central position in the image. Pastel shades may be the best option.


A noble shade that is most often chosen by wedding guests. This is due to the fact that it suits almost everyone, perfectly combined with elements of the closet of classic shades and looks solemn. And the color palette of blue is quite diverse – you can choose dresses in the colors of the sea wave, sky, turquoise and aquamarine.


It is the color of positivity and joy, so it is perfect for a wedding event. Ideally, such an outfit will look best in a summer and light image, and for a colder period it is better to opt for an orange shade.


A gentle and touching shade that is perfect for young and fragile individuals. For a winter wedding, you can choose an outfit with a pronounced redness, and for a warmer period – a shade with yellowing. Outfits in which the peach shade acts only as an addition also look very stylish.


To the length of cocktail dresses, fashion is even more favorable than to the shades. A girl can choose a mini, midi or maxi dress, but the main thing is that it fits well and does not look provocative. But pregnant and obese girls are better to refuse shortened outfits. A dress to the floor with an inflated waist will be the ideal option. It should be remembered that the mini can choose only a girl who can boast of the beauty of her legs.

Fabrics and textures

Recently, lace dresses have become particularly relevant. For a wedding reception, they are ideal because they represent tenderness and elegance. They can be chosen by both very young girls and older ladies. Outfits with perforated and inserts in the form of nets look very original. Dresses combining several fabrics will be ideal for the fat women, as they allow to visually correct the silhouette.

How to create a harmonious image

Every self-respecting woman knows that the dress plays a major role in the image, but if taking into account all the rules selected only it is a failure. In a festive image there is no unimportant detail and everything, starting from hair and makeup, ending with accessories and shoes should fit the overall style of the outfit. How to maximize the harmony of your own look?


When it comes to the wedding reception, you should think about gentle and elegant curls. It is important to consider the fact that it is the bride’s prerogative to wind complex and spectacular designs, and the invited guests should impress with the elegance and simplicity of their hairstyles. An abundance of nail polish is not in fashion now, because with it the hair looks messy. Ideally picked up and smoothed out strands is also better to refuse. In fashion a light, but natural carelessness, which can be made more accurate with a small amount of hairspray.


The makeup of the wedding guests can be both natural and expressive, but in no case provocative. If a girl thinks that bright makeup is best for her, she should remember a few important rules:

  1. The effect of artificial tanning is not in fashion today, so powder and foundation should be used only to even out the skin tone.
  2. The emphasis should be placed either on the eyes, making bright arrows and touching up the shadows, or on the lips, making a clear contour and choosing a catchy color of lipstick.
  3. A clear and correct eyebrow line is a must. It is important to consider that the shape and color of the eyebrows should fit the features of the face shape.

For fans of natural makeup, there are two rules – the use of matte lipstick and a soft eye pencil, which will emphasize the natural beauty. It is important to remember that the makeup should go well with the dress and if it is light and in pastel colors, it should be appropriate.


Cocktail dress is better to complement the guests with accessories in the form of clutch bags and jewelry. Choosing a neck jewelry, you should be guided by the peculiarities of the neckline of the dress:

Under the V-shaped fit elongated hanging necklaces, chains and beads with triangular pendants.

Under the round neckline, it is better to choose massive jewelry with an abundance of various details. The length of the jewelry itself may be different.

If we are talking about jewelry on the arm, the best option would be bracelets and chains from the set with a necklace. Remember that if the dress already has a lot of decorations, the jewelry may not be needed.


The best option for a cocktail dress is high-heeled sandals with a massive shiny buckle. Stiletto heels are also a good choice. It is better to refuse the ballet flats and classic pumps, because they will make the image more reserved and casual.