How to preserve the bride’s bouquet as long as possible?

bride's bouquet

Wedding florist: “The wedding day is a serious test for the bride’s bouquet. We always tell the girls about the conditions of storage and use of a bouquet, so that it will keep its original appearance as long as possible. The first mistakes that can be made, most often lie in the floral composition of the bouquet. Florist always need to adjust it to the weather conditions and the duration of the walk, as well as give preference to more resistant flowers. Sometimes it can be difficult to talk a bride out of what she has in mind, but that is our job – to explain the implications and help make the right choice. We always give the bride the bouquet in a vase with water, wrapped in paper. To keep the ribbon from getting wet, the water level should be small, but enough to cover the stems. We also recommend the bouquet delivery, which is carried out strictly by car, but in no case by public transport. If the delivery is made before the wedding, the bouquet should be stored in the refrigerator, first removing one shelf and removing apples from the refrigerator cabinet, which contribute to the rapid maturation of flowers. The bouquet should not be exposed to water and direct sunlight, and should be kept away from heaters. On the wedding day we recommend to be careful with the bouquet, not to put it on the heated hood of the car, on the wet grass, not to toss it up, even if the photographer asks it very much, try not to put it on the side, as a result the delicate flowers will crumple and darken. We often get rave reviews from brides who, after taking their bouquet on a long honeymoon, kept it quite cheerful. This speaks not only about the freshness of the flower in the bouquet, but also about careful storage.

Follow simple guidelines


In case you can not take advice from a specialist who is ready to accompany you and your bouquet up to the moment when you put a wedding ring on your finger, you have to deal with the flowers themselves.


The wedding florist gladly commented on the topic of our article. Her advice will be useful to you both in case you want to pick up the bouquet on the eve of the wedding, and in order to keep it after the celebration.


  1. Be sure to trim the flower stems with a sharp knife or scissors.
  2. Put the bouquet in water at room temperature.
  3. Take the bouquet to a cool place, the optimal temperature for flowers + 7 / +10 degrees.
  4. Never leave the bouquet near a radiator or near a window that gets direct sunlight.
  5. Half an hour before leaving the house the bouquet should be taken out of the water and blot the legs with a dry cloth, as the wet ribbon of the bouquet can wet the bride’s dress.
  6. If your wedding takes place in a hot season, take care of a bouquet doubler or a container of water, which will always be near, for example, in the car, and periodically put the bouquet in water. Preferably every hour.
  7. If you are getting married in winter, the bouquet should always be wrapped in paper. The paper can be taken off only indoors! And for a winter photo shoot outside you should have a duplicate bouquet, as flowers simply will not survive after shooting outside in sub-zero temperatures. You should know that it takes enough for the flowers five minutes in the frost to turn black. And they will turn black as soon as they get into the heat.
  8. When choosing a bridal bouquet, you should be extremely careful when looking at wild flowers. Usually their lifespan without water is less than 60 minutes.
  9. Roses in a bouquet and other flowers with delicate petals on no account should touch the top of the petals with your hands, pinch the buds, put them on hard surfaces, even such as chairs and the car seat. The bouquet should be held in hands all the time so that black splits do not form on the petals.
  10. If possible, the bouquet should be put on water every hour and trimmed, then it will please you throughout the day.