What to write in a wedding card: 5 simple tips

wedding card

Do you want to congratulate the newlyweds with a wedding day beautifully and unusually, brightly and unpretentiously? Exquisite bouquet to the bride, a gift to the newlyweds – it gives away the official style. Present a card made with your own hands, writing warm, sincere wishes of love and happiness. Prose or poetry – not so important. Heartfelt warmth, which is imbued with the phrases of a parting words for a happy life from parents, will warm in difficult moments; congratulations (humorous and not very) from friends will be a guarantee of support. How to sign a wedding card to convey all the warmth of feelings for the young people?

1. Decide on the style of writing.


The text of the congratulations largely depends on your relationship with the newlyweds. If they are your longtime and close friends, then the humorous text will be quite appropriate. But for a wedding to colleagues should write a text more restrained (but still not as an annual report).


2. Handwrite.


In many cards, the text can already be written inside, but we think it’s better to choose a blank card, without the inscription. So you can write your own greeting, which, believe me, will be much more pleasant for the bride and groom to read. A greeting written in calligraphic ink will look very impressive. But to do that you should first practice, because it’s almost impossible to write it perfectly the first time. Or use a simple gel or ballpoint pen, it’s more important what you write, not how you write it.  


3. Put the card in an envelope.


Decoration, however, is also important. After all, the card is a kind of memory of the celebration, like wedding photos. Therefore, it is important to keep it in its original form: so that the card is not accidentally crumpled during the ceremony, put it in a thick envelope.


4. Recall a funny episode from the life of the young people.


And now we tell you what to write inside the card. If the young are your close friends and you’ve witnessed the development of their relationship, you’re probably connected by funny stories – from joint get-togethers or, perhaps, travels. Write about that episode before going on to the wish list. If you don’t know the young ones that well, you can quote a poem (like Shakespeare’s love sonnets) or a quote from a song by a band the couple likes. And then write what you’d like to wish them in the future – don’t think how to write more beautifully, write from your heart.   


5. Save the long speeches for the toast.


The good thing about the card format is that there’s only a small page to express your own feelings and thoughts. Try to choose the main words for the card, and everything else you can wish the young people during the holiday feast. Learn from the classics – it’s not for nothing that Anton Pavlovich Chekhov said that brevity is the sister of talent.