What a wedding ring should be: how to choose the right wedding accessories

wedding ring

Of all the details of the wedding attire, future spouses always pay special attention to the rings. After all, they, unlike the dress and costume, stay with you for life. Wedding rings are a symbol of love, which every day reminds the two lovers that their fates are linked. Therefore, you need to make sure that the jewelry you choose fits and likes you.




The shape of the ring symbolizes infinity. But, in addition to this, there are other omens associated with wedding accessories. Today, not everyone believes in them, but this information will still be interesting for those who are preparing for the wedding.


First of all, the wedding ring must be yours – it is undesirable to use someone else’s ring for the wedding ceremony, even if you inherited it. It is considered that in this way you take away the happiness of previous owners or take over their fate. It is also impossible to give your ring to anyone, neither before the wedding, nor after it.


There is also a belief that the surface of the ring should always be smooth, without any patterns, stones and engravings. This ensures a quiet and measured life for the couple. But the presence of any roughness, fancy designs or inscriptions on the contrary, promises constant quarrels and quarrels in the family.


Believe in omens or not – it is up to you to decide. But, if they really seem to you true, then it is better not to break the tradition, so as not to spoil your mood on such an important day.


Choice criteria


In addition to omens, there are other factors that influence the choice of the wedding ring. First of all, keep in mind that you are likely to wear this ring permanently. Therefore, it must be not only elegant and beautiful, but also quite practical. For this reason, many girls refuse rings with stones, which are constantly clinging to everything.


Also, of course, the ring should be durable. Do not skimp on this accessory, because it’s not cheap costume jewelry, but a real symbol of your love, which may also become a family heirloom.


It’s best that the women’s ring is more elegant than the men’s. Such accessories look more organic. Choose the right size and the style that you like, and the wedding ring will make you happy every day.


Jewelry fashion features


Engagement rings now created for all tastes. Therefore, it is not difficult to choose jewelry even for the most demanding couple. And if you still can’t find the ring of your dreams in jewelry stores, you can always order them. A personalized piece of jewelry that meets all your requirements is sure to look perfect.

With stones


Many girls prefer accessories decorated with precious stones. But, if you want to choose just such an accessory, you should pay attention to the fact that the stones have a certain value.


The optimal option for a wedding ring is a diamond decoration. And here the matter is not only that girls like these translucent stones. But also because the diamond is considered a symbol of sincere and eternal love. The scarlet ruby is considered to be the symbol of passion. The happiness of family life promises an engagement ring with an emerald. The only downside of a ring with an emerald is that the stone is very fragile, and you will have to go to a workshop often, so the ring will not lose its appeal.


There are also different options for cutting stones. The central stone may be set with several smaller stones. Keep in mind that when buying such a ring, you should check whether the stones fit tightly. Otherwise, they may fall out over time, ruining the appearance of the ring. Some jewellery companies offer a lifetime guarantee on their products and will repair or replace stones that have fallen out at no charge.




Often newlyweds choose paired rings for their wedding reception. They can be completely identical, or just made in the same style. Often in a couple, the men’s ring is purposely made simpler. The women’s model is more elegant or even decorated with stones or patterns. But at the same time, both rings are united by a common style and they look harmonious together.


Determining quality


Since an engagement ring is bought for life, it must be of high quality. Determining the quality of gold can be difficult. But there is a simple way to do it even without any special skills. To do this, simply throw the ring on a table or any other smooth surface. A ring of quality gold will fly away from it with a characteristic ringing sound. A deafening clatter, on the other hand, indicates a low quality accessory.


Gold grade


Another important symbol of quality is the hallmark of gold. The higher the hallmark, the higher the quality of the material from which the ring is made. The higher the assay, the higher the price. But in this case, the money will not be spent in vain, because a quality ring is unlikely to break or fade in the next few years after purchase.




The classic option for wedding rings is gold. But even this metal can vary. There are several types of gold. The most common option is yellow gold rings. But more expensive jewelry made of white or pink metal is also popular. Engagement rings in platinum are also stylish and luxurious.




You can make the ring more unique by having a special engraving on it. It is usually applied to the inner surface of the ring. Common choices include the date of the wedding written inside the ring or the couple’s names. Many people also choose to have a phrase that is meaningful to the couple engraved. Engraving can be done in almost any jewelry salon.


How to choose the size


If you want to choose a ring for a girl or you just order jewelry online without having the opportunity to try it on, be guided by the size shown on the label.


But if there is an opportunity to try on a ring, it is better to do it anyway. The thing is that each manufacturer’s ring size may be different. That is why a ring of the same size will fit differently in different jewelry stores.

wedding ring

Ring width


Another important parameter to consider when choosing a wedding ring is its width. Depending on what shape and thickness of your fingers, you should pick up a suitable ring.


A large ring is suitable for girls with large fingers and, of course, men. Girls with long and slender fingers, who usually wear a ring size from 15 to 17, will approach the accessory width not more than 4 mm. That ring will look the most elegant on a lady’s finger. However, you can try to play with contrasts by choosing a wide ring, which will visually make your fingers even more fragile.


The last advice that can be given to newlyweds is to listen to the consultants. This, of course, does not mean that you should trust the choice of a wedding accessory to a stranger. It’s just that people who work in jewelry salons are more knowledgeable about jewelry and know the range well. In addition, a trained eye helps to determine very quickly which ring is more suitable for you.


Wedding rings are the symbol of love and fidelity that stays with you for life. Choose a piece of jewelry that will cause you exclusively pleasant emotions and will not cause discomfort while wearing it, and then you will wear it with pleasure for many years.