The bride’s bouquet in boho style

bride's bouquet

More and more often, newlyweds when preparing a wedding choose themed events or completely abandon the officiousness. To create such an unusual celebration, it is necessary to choose all the elements correctly.

After all, elegant simplicity is much harder to create than classic decorations. And, of course, when discussing decorations, the main place after the outfits is the bouquet. This is an important part of the celebration, and when originality and simplicity are required, then choose a bouquet in the boho style.

Rules of decorating wedding bouquets in the boho style

When the newlyweds have a desire to decorate their holiday with a bouquet in the boho style, it allows them to show maximum creativity. Such a composition, unlike others, can combine incongruent elements as well as unusual decorations, perfectly complementing the bride and groom’s outfits.

What a boho bouquet should be:

  1. The first thing that is noticeable is that all the flowers are different in hue, shape or form.
  2. The large amount of decorative greenery gives the composition a connection to nature and at the same time simplicity.
  3. The buds are set so that they are at different levels. To do this, each flower should have a different
  4. stem length. This method allows you to make uneven compositions, which gives them more visual diversity.
  5. It should not repeat the decoration of the banquet or other decorative elements in shades. For the composition choose many different shades of flowers so that the set attracts attention with its exotic color.
  6. Boho bouquets are most often made in two versions – romantic or more free-spirited. But sometimes brides manage to combine these directions, and then the composition looks very unusual, reflecting the character of girls who look bold and provocative.
  7. It should not have clear outlines, and the flowers should look in one direction. Most often they take a hemisphere, a month or a straight shape as the basis. But change it so that all the heads of plants look in different directions and there were no clear lines.


The only immutable rule in creating a composition is that you can not follow the classical canons of beauty. You should completely abandon the formality, as well as those plants and decorations that are commonly used for wedding bouquets.

Bouquet of the bride for a wedding in the style of boho – stylish ideas


To create a floral arrangement in the boho style do not use standard schemes for the installation of plants or decoration.


Almost completely excluded all the rules, instead of them introduced small restrictions. For example, you should refuse to use buds that are in the same position and the middle is directed strictly upwards.




Boho bouquet is different from the classic ones. Therefore, it is selected completely different flowers than for traditional compositions. Be sure to refuse lilies, calla lilies and roses.


Flowers for the bouquet:

  • asters;
  • succulents;
  • lotuses;
  • forget-me-nots;
  • verbena;
  • hyacinth;
  • amaranth;
  • pansies;
  • peonies;
  • bluebells;
  • daisies;
  • tulips;
  • chrysanthemums;
  • sage.


You can replace cultivated roses with buds from feral shrubs or rose hips. When creating a bouquet, the bride should prefer meadow or garden plants. And because of this, floral arrangements vary depending on the time of the wedding. Therefore, each bouquet will be unique and beautiful, and for the winter holiday you can use fir branches, cones, bunches of mountain ash or other fruits.

bride's bouquet



The decor for the bouquet choose materials that, looking at them, you can imagine that they were just caught up in the composition, so you should abandon the portico, satin ribbons and other classic accessories design.


Also avoid using rhinestones, imitation pearls or other luxurious decorations. Instead, choose understated elements such as lace, burlap or twine. At the same time, the decor is set so that there is a sense of carelessness, the ribbons can be tied unevenly, leaving different ends.


If rope is used, the bow should be thin and not exposed. And when the stems are uncomfortable to hold, a coarse cloth is used, and folded in an exaggeratedly careless manner to emphasize the lightness with which the bouquet was created.




In terms of shape, a bouquet in the boho style can be very different, but the main thing is that it does not contain clear lines. Flowers should be arranged as if the bride herself created the composition.


Very beautiful look bouquets with a large number of various buds, and green decorations. Sometimes simple bunches are formed, but more harmoniously look green leaves, slightly falling around the edges.