Preparing for a wedding photo shoot: photographer’s tips

wedding photo shoot

Wedding photo walk for many couples is the most expected and important event. Someone prepares for a wedding photo shoot in advance, looking for non-standard locations, someone, trusts the taste of the photographer in this matter. But most lovers forget that the preparation for the photo shoot is not just a choice of scenery.


How much time to allocate for photography on the wedding day, how to master yourself, your mimics and body, what to take for a walk and how to learn to enjoy all the weather conditions on your important day.


Wedding photographer services: learning to cooperate


To meet with a photographer once before the wedding – for a brief conversation and to hand over the advance payment – is not enough. As a rule, this approach to the case does not produce quality results. Choosing a photographer for a wedding is only the first step. Next, ideally, begins a collaboration in which the efforts of both parties are important – both the lovers and the photographer.   


It is logical and correct if you chose a wedding photographer by portfolio. To explain to the professional what kind of pictures you want to get, we advise you to resort to examples of work again. Look at other couples’ photo stories, select the shots you’d like to recreate, and show them to your photographer.


If you don’t get a chance to do a test shoot, it’s worth taking the time to at least have an in-depth conversation with the photographer. Meet to get to know each other better. The photographer will be able to give you sound advice about everything – clothing, makeup, and what to bring with you to the shoot. If you want to get quality photos, trust the professional’s advice: he will look at everything through the lens.

Wedding photo walk: when, where, how long?


The hardest part is to fit the photo shoot into the wedding schedule correctly. You want to take pictures in several places, and not to make your guests languish in anticipation of the wedding, in the County Recorder/Clerk.


In order to avoid problems, Ukrainian couples are increasingly borrowing foreign experience: staged wedding photo session is transferred to another day. Wedding pre-shooting is really convenient: you can be guided by the weather, go out of town, walk around without rushing and distracting thoughts. At the same time, photographers advise not to scatter, and choose one picturesque area or town, in which to conduct a 2-3-hour photo session.


Of course, the emotion of the wedding day is impossible to recover. Only once you say “yes”, only once pass the wedding ceremony, kiss for the first time in the new roles for you – husband and wife. All these feelings and experiences will best convey reportage photography of your wedding. The photographer will catch vivid emotions, elusive moments, all the things that can’t be conveyed at the staged photo session.


On your wedding day, the photographer will capture you with family and friends. This can be done 30 minutes before the ceremony or later in the restaurant.   


If you do decide to take photos on the wedding day in some special places, keep in mind the schedule of the event: allocate enough time to move around the city and take the photo itself.


Photography in the rain: debunking myths about the weather


The fact that rain on the wedding day – a good omen, can not comfort lovers who have planned a photo shoot. The risk of getting their clothes dirty and ruining their hair mistakenly makes couples refuse a wedding photo shoot in bad weather.


The most common misconception of lovers is to wish that their wedding day was sunny and cloudless. However, in fact, it’s harder to get quality photos under such weather conditions. The photographer has to really fight for the right light. Foggy skies are another matter. The bride’s bright dress will contrast spectacularly with the clouds, and beautiful white or transparent umbrellas will give your photos a cute originality.


Similar stereotypes shroud the seasons. Married couples are more than happy to schedule their wedding in late spring or summer, hoping that their wedding day will be warm or even hot. But dealing with the heat is sometimes more difficult than dealing with the cold. The wind or frost won’t be an obstacle to a beautiful photo shoot if you know a few secrets.

wedding photo shoot

How to get beautiful and natural photos: practical tips for lovers


The concept of naturalness is very complex and broad. In order to turn out well in photos, you need to be able to control your body and face, understand how to hold certain props for a photo shoot. “Act like there’s no camera here,” “Be more lively,” and similar phrases are not advice. We hope that the recommendations of a professional photographer, tested in practice many times, will really help you:

  • The main goal for lovers is to achieve maximum relaxedness. Don’t be shy about expressing your feelings: more touching, hugging, exchanging glances – all this helps to distract from unnecessary thoughts and focus on each other;       
  • improvise – laugh, act like children – jump and run around as much as possible. The photographer can’t make you move, but it’s the dynamics that will make your photos come alive and real;
  • When walking, look as little as possible under your feet so that your face is visible. It’s best to look at each other or to the side.


Photos from your wedding photo shoot are those memories of the big day that will stay with you forever! Listen to your photographer’s advice and take your role in the creative process seriously. How your wedding photos turn out is up to you!