Emergency beauty kit: things a bride should have on the most important day

emergency beauty kit

Every bride is looking forward to her wedding day, and she wants everything to go just perfect, and in this matter, her appearance plays an important role. The bride makes every effort to look just flawless on this day. Everything should be precisely thought out, starting with the right hairstyle and ending with the right shade of lipstick.


Even though the makeup artist does absolutely everything to make the bride at the wedding look just flawless, you still need to prepare an emergency kit to have the perfect wedding day. To do this, you need to carry a few beauty products in your purse just in case for various emergencies. Here are a few things you should definitely take with you.




One thing that easily gets washed off during a wedding reception is lipstick, so you need to carry it with you in your purse at all times. You can discuss your makeup in advance with your makeup artist so you know exactly what color lipstick he plans to pick for you. This way, you can pick the same color lipstick and wear it all day long.


Compact powder.


Since the bride has to talk a lot, smile a lot and spend at least half a day outdoors on her wedding day, her makeup can easily get ruined. To fix the creases that have appeared, or even lipstick, eye shadow and mascara marks, you need to carry a compact powder. This will make it very quick and easy to fix all the existing flaws in makeup.



Just like makeup, your hair may need a few fixes and changes. During the day, individual hairs may get knocked out of your hair, and it may also gradually fall apart. Therefore, it is imperative to have a few hair clips on hand so that you can easily correct your hair if needed.




During the whole day the fragrance of perfume gradually evaporates, as well as you can feel not very fresh. That is why it is worth carrying a small bottle of perfume and deodorant in your purse. This will allow you to quickly and easily freshen up at any time and envelop yourself in a delicate fragrance.

emergency beauty kit

Wet wipes and cotton swabs


If you spill something on yourself or get dirty, wet wipes will be needed to help fix it all. You can quickly and easily get rid of dirt on the skin of your clothes and shoes. In addition, it is worth putting in your bag special matting wipes for the skin, which, if necessary, will help to correct your makeup.


Also need cotton swabs that can be used, if necessary, to quickly correct flaws in makeup.


You can take with you needles and thread, so you can easily fix any troubles with clothes. You may need pins. This is especially true for brides who have chosen a dress with a long train.


To make the gala day go well, you need to take pills for headaches and upset stomach. Band-aids may be needed in case the bride, groom or any of the guests put pressure on their feet.


All of these items are simply indispensable for the bride at the wedding, so be sure to put them in a small purse and take them with you. In addition, you can additionally have other items that may be needed on the day of the celebration.