On what hand do men wear a wedding ring on the right or on the left

every guy should figure out in advance on what hand a man wears a wedding ring.

Engagement ring is quite a mysterious accessory, with which a large number of different superstitions are associated. That’s why many guys wonder about how to properly wear it. The fact is that there are many different traditions of wearing this accessory. Therefore, every guy should figure out in advance on what hand a man wears a wedding ring.



Engagement rings have a rather interesting history of appearance. Some people believe that the tradition of wearing them appeared relatively recently. However, in fact, men and women started using them quite a long time ago.

When did the tradition appear

Rings are quite an ancient accessory that has been used almost always. The first mentions that they symbolize the marriage union between a guy and a girl date back to the period before our era.

In ancient Hindus, such accessories were a sign of the caste to which the young groom belonged. It is worth noting that wedding rings were actively used in ancient Rome. Such jewelry symbolized not only the status of the groom in society, but also the seriousness of his intentions towards the girl. The wife was obliged to wear the jewelry given by her husband. For a married girl it was a reminder that she was now the property of her husband.

Ancient Egyptians also used wedding rings. For them, this accessory was one of the main symbols of the marriage union and the afterlife. So many people were even buried with the jewelry.

Why are engagement rings worn on the ring finger?

There are quite a few young guys who are completely unaware of what finger a man wears a wedding ring. According to some traditions, they should be worn only on the ring finger. There are different reasons for this. They may differ depending on the nationality of the person. For example, for the peoples of Eastern countries, this part of the hand symbolizes the bond between lovers.

Most often, the wedding ring is put on the ring finger.

The Slavs have another explanation for this tradition. For the Slavs each finger is a symbol of connection with certain relatives. For example, the thumb is associated with one’s parents and family, in which he grew up. The index fingers are a symbol of kinship with sisters, brothers and other closest relatives. The little fingers symbolize the children that the newlyweds will have in the future. The ring fingers represent the bond between husband and wife. Therefore, the wedding ring should be worn on them.

In the old days, almost all men adhered to the tradition. Of course, now, too, many guys wear these ornaments on ring fingers. But now newlyweds are increasingly ignoring the centuries-old tradition.

Why do some men prefer to put a ring on the left hand

Not everyone knows what hand married men wear a ring. In Europe, as in most other countries, it is necessary to wear it on the right hand. The fact is that with the Slavs, it symbolizes the love connection between lovers.

Some guys wear a wedding ring on the left hand.

Sometimes you can meet guys who wear such jewelry not on the right, but on the left hand. This can have several meanings:

  • Residents of many countries in Europe and in the territory of America wear wedding rings exactly on the left hand.
  • People living in Europe can put the engagement ring on the left hand in case of beloved’s death or after a divorce.
  • A ring on the left ring finger can be a sign that a man is a supporter of the LGBT. The fact is that back in the second half of the last century, homosexuals began to wear jewelry specifically on the left hand. It was a sign of their non-traditional sexual orientation.

Can I wear my wedding ring before I get married?

Quite often people have a desire to wear their wedding jewelry early. There are different reasons for such actions. Some people just want to show off an expensive ring, or they want to tell their friends about their new marital status as soon as possible. But almost no one thinks about whether or not they should wear a wedding band before they get married.

Some people wear rings on a chain after the death of a loved one.

In addition to engagement rings, there are also engagement rings. Their main feature is that they are offered to people in exchange for their agreement to become a spouse. It is the engagement jewelry that is customary to wear before the wedding. The engagement ring should be worn only once before the wedding, at the fitting. The second time it is used directly during the wedding.

There are a huge number of superstitions associated with wedding bands. For example, there is a popular belief, according to which during the fitting a person himself should put a ring on his finger. No stranger or unfamiliar person should do this. During the wedding ceremony it is obligatory to put a wedding ring on the ring finger of the spouse.

every guy should figure out in advance on what hand a man wears a wedding ring.

Is It Allowed to Wear an Engagement Ring and a Wedding Ring Together?

There are different opinions about whether engagement and wedding rings can be worn together. Some married people believe that they should not be worn at the same time. In fact, there are absolutely no restrictions on this. Every guy or girl can easily combine these decorations with each other.

There are several of the most common options for wearing these rings:

  • On one finger. Some guys and girls put them simultaneously on the ring finger. However, they should be used so only if they are really well combined with each other.
  • On different hands. Quite often people wear an engagement ring on their right hand and an engagement ring on their left.
  • On the neck. This is quite a non-standard way of wearing jewelry, which was originally intended for the ring finger. It is very common in the territory of France. There, the engagement ring on a chain is worn after the death of a loved one.

Traditions of different religions and countries

In many countries and religions the traditions of wearing wedding rings can differ significantly. Therefore, it is advisable to understand in advance how engagement rings are worn in different parts of the world.

Europe and the United States

Traditions that are widespread in the territory of the United States are completely different from those in Europe. In America, it is customary to wear engagement jewelry only on the left hand. This is due to the fact that there are a large number of Catholics living in the U.S. who only wear wedding bands on their left ring fingers.

In Europe and America, engagement rings are worn on the left hand.

With European countries it is not so clear-cut, as traditions there may be different. For example, people who live in the Western part of Europe also wear wedding bands only on the left hand. At the same time, most of the Eastern European countries follow the same traditions.

Muslim countries

Many people wonder how Muslims wear wedding rings. It is worth noting that in Islamic traditions such a wedding attribute is absent at all. However, despite this, Muslims, like most other people, use wedding bands. They wear them only on the ring finger.

Wearing the ring depending on the faith

It is worth noting that the peculiarities of wearing an engagement ring largely depend on a person’s religion.

Catholics and Orthodox

Every Orthodox person should wear the ring only on the right hand. Orthodox believers believe that everyone has a guardian angel on their right hand. Catholics wear wedding bands only on the left hand. They believe that not only a person’s heart is on the left, but also his soul.


Some people think that Jews don’t use any jewelry during a wedding. In fact, they too use wedding bands, as do members of other nationalities. That said, newlyweds can choose how to wear their jewelry. They can wear it on either the right or the left hand.

Jewish believers, however, do not wear wedding bands at all. According to Torah ordinances, men are forbidden to wear rings. That is why during a marriage ceremony only the bride’s index finger is to wear a wedding ring.


In Muslim countries, wedding rings can be used on either hand. However, gold jewelry is only allowed for girls. Men may use engagement rings made of less precious metals.

Men in Muslim countries are not allowed to use gold jewelry.

When not wearing rings

There are couples who prefer not to use wedding bands. There are several reasons why people give them up:

  • The ring is no longer worn on the finger;
  • Inability to use the jewelry due to health conditions;
  • Loss of a wedding band;
  • A protest against tradition.

Therefore, the absence of a ring does not always mean that the man or woman is not married.

Do they wear wedding bands after divorce?

According to Catholic tradition, after divorce, the spouses must give up their wedding attributes or change them on the other hand. Orthodox believers who decide to get divorced are more likely to remove their jewelry after separation.

After a divorce, the wedding ring may be changed to the other hand or removed.

Do widowers wear a ring?

The loss of a beloved girlfriend is a serious man’s grief, which is quite difficult to endure. Each widower decides for himself whether to remove his ring or continue to wear it.

Often young guys know absolutely nothing about how to properly wear wedding rings. Therefore, before the wedding, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with the basic features of wearing such jewelry.