A belt for a wedding dress

belt for a wedding dress

A belt is a versatile accessory, especially for a dress. For a wedding dress, a belt can be a highlight or a finishing touch. It will be a great solution for those who thought the wedding dress was too plain. In addition, if you think that the dress did not fit well, the belt will help to emphasize all the advantages and hide the flaws. It is not necessary to throw away a huge amount of money on a new accessory, because everyone can make a wedding belt with their own hands, and the photos will help in choosing and creating a unique accessory.


Why do you need a belt?


This detail helps in creating an elegant, sophisticated image. According to experts, the belt is necessary:

  • To create a bright, unusual image.
  • A harmonious addition to the dress. A-silhouette, classic outfits may look incomplete without it.
  • Emphasis on the bride’s waist. The beautiful figure of the girl is emphasized, the image becomes delicate, feminine.


Rules for choosing a belt for a wedding dress


Choose this element should be very carefully, taking into account the width, decor, material and features of the figure of the bride.


The ideal width


For petite girls, a belt with a width of up to 4 cm will be suitable. It will make the image elegant, delicate, will not attract unnecessary attention.


To correct the figure, visually elongate the image, you should choose an accessory with a width of 5-8 cm. It is placed just above the waist.


If the waistline is not clear, you need to make a figure more feminine, you should choose a belt 10 cm wide. Place the element strictly on the waist.


To emphasize the line of the waist, chest choose wide belts with a width of more than 10 cm. Such a detail will make the forms expressive, spectacular. Suitable for skinny girls who go to give the figure more femininity.


What material is suitable


The ideal fabrics for the belt are:

  • Silk. Creates a delicate, sophisticated look. Suitable for an outfit made of lace, chiffon.
  • Organza. Durable, pleasant to the touch material. Is optimal for young women who want to create a flirty image. The fabric is combined with an outfit of satin, satin, silk.
  • Satin. Often used to create belts. A very pleasant to the touch material that has a slightly shiny surface. With the help of such a detail a traditional festive image is created. It looks wonderful with or without jewelry. Combines with a dress made of patchwork, brocade. Ideal for creating the image of the bride.
  • Taffeta. Suitable for brides who want to create a spectacular image. The belt looks elegant, emphasizes the individuality of the girl. Combines with jacquard and poplin.


Decor: what to decorate the belt


This accessory can be decorated with certain details, or do without them. A monochrome belt without any embellishments will suit classic dresses, or outfits with existing applique. In that case the beads and beads on the belt will be unnecessary.


If the dress does not have any applique, jewelry, it is necessary to complement the ribbon with beads, beads, rhinestones. Pearls will be appropriate. It will create an aristocratic image. Too much jewelry on the belt should not be, otherwise the appearance will be spoiled.

The power and symbolism of color


At all times, brides’ outfits have been the focus of attention. There are many customs and omens associated with the wedding dress, and girls around the world still observe them.


What does the scarlet ribbon on the waist mean?


So, why do they tie a belt of red on the newlywed’s attire.


In some Muslim countries (such as Turkey), the red line on the waist of the newlywed symbolizes innocence and is an obligatory element of the wedding image.


Brides in the twentieth century buy white wedding dresses, according to fashion trends that came from Western countries. White there is a symbol of purity and innocence.


Who should choose it?


The scarlet color is able to awaken many emotions in people, it is associated with health, vitality and prosperity. The bride who chooses this shade for her attire is distinguished by its unrestrained, emotional nature, she always and in everything seeks to be the first.


The bride’s outfit, combining red and white, always looks stylish and tasteful. White speaks of chastity, purity, and red speaks of love, passion, and courage.


The belt and the type of the bride’s figure


If you choose the right belt, you can hide flaws and emphasize the advantages of the figure. When choosing such an accessory, the type of figure and its peculiarities are taken into account:

  • Thin belt. Ideal for girls with an hourglass figure. It does not need jewelry, they will spoil the look. Also appropriate for the figure of “triangle”.
  • A wide belt is suitable for a figure resembling a pear. It should be bright, because it will help correct the figure.


Which shade is made for you?


The blue color is very democratic, because it goes to blondes, auberts, brunettes and redheads. It is able to emphasize the diamond sparkle of flaxen curls and give a radiant depth to chocolate brown strands. But at the same time very intense shade can obscure the watercolor tenderness of fragile golden-haired girls and muted tone can come into conflict with the dazzling beauty of bright swarthy girls.


To avoid such an unpleasantness marred the happiest and most joyful day, designers advise to consult in advance with those who know a lot about the secrets of colors.


For ease of perception, all of us are divided into four colortypes: winter, spring, summer and autumn. Surprisingly, the brightest here are the representatives of the first type, the winter one. According to stylists, the shades of turquoise, azure, ultramarine, sky blue, deep indigo and blue with a purple hue, saturated with the energy of nature, are suitable for them.


Light-skinned and fair-haired girls of the “spring look” are recommended to refuse complex mixed tones. They are better to give preference to transparent aquamarine, blue topaz, azure- cornflower colors and mysterious cyan. The main thing is that they should not have an admixture of gray.


A soft and warm “summer” will not benefit from the competition with harsh colors. For such young ladies is created a whole range of deep, but not bright dark blue colors: blueberry, blue-black and blue-gray, cobalt, lilac hyacinth, Prussian blue, sea wave. By the way, they are very fashionable right now. The deepest of them stylists call “the second black” and create such a palette for the toilets of famous film divas and society beauties.


The skin and hair of “autumn” ladies, as a rule, are already saturated with solar pigments. Excessive brightness of the outfit will make the image look garish, and muted colors will look alien. For them, the best choice would be a palette of medium intensity blue-green, sea wave, deep turquoise, turquoise-steel, blueberry-blue tones.

belt for a wedding dress

The blue dress is a symbol of beauty and infinity


In all centuries, women have tried to express their preferences and their moods through clothing. And today the blue color is extremely popular not only because it is at the peak of fashion.


It expresses sociability and loyalty, and serves as a symbol of absolute truth.


Blue became the incendiary occasion for the creation of dresses by such legendary brands as Cheap and Chic, Reed Krakoff, Valentino, Moschino, Halston Heritage.


Blue – the choice of stars


Many popular actresses were seen in blue dresses. We can learn from them how to present themselves effectively, as these women use their image as the most powerful way to win, to seduce and to cause sympathy.

  • Rachel Weiss is one of Hollywood’s incredibly adorable actresses. This woman seems to have no age, and yet she is already over forty. For the premiere of “Lovely Bones” Rachel wore a short blue Valentino dress, which she complemented with a silver clutch and silver sandals.
  • Jessica Biel wore a blue dress with a floral print by Elie Saab to the Tiffany Ball. It should be noted that that very evening was with a blue dress code. Jessica, who wore a floor-length blue dress, looked like the forest fairy of the night, creating an incredibly romantic and fresh look.
  • Reese Witherpsun managed to create a majestic queen look, picking up a long blue dress that accentuated her attractive blonde figure.


Actress Blake Lively also stuck to the incredibly sexy and sophisticated blue form-fitting dress. Her choice fell on a fitted blue dress, looking at which it is impossible not to think of the sea.


The asymmetrical model, emphasizing all the advantages of the girl’s form, is decorated with intricate embroidery. Another beautifully flowing dress of blue hue made Blake Lively look like a goddess.


So, the effect that the blue dress creates is over the top, and there’s a reason for that. The blue color in its representativeness can argue with the white and black colors, which have long occupied a privileged position.


And that’s taking into account the mood they create! Therefore, the blue color even wins.


After all, if the black dress can be compared to mourning, and the white dress is so dressy that it has become a wedding dress, the blue dress color holds its position with dignity, insisting on seriousness and mystery. It is as solid as it is unobtrusive, it attracts attention, because it is impossible to take your eyes away from the blue sky, and from an indigo dress – even more so.


How to place the belt correctly


It is not necessary to place the strap only on the waist, there are other options that help to correct the figure:

  • Under the chest. The ideal location of the belt for a Greek, or nautical style outfit. Visually elongates the silhouette, girls of low height will look higher. In addition, this arrangement allows you to hide a small tummy. Also suitable for pregnant brides.
  • At the waist. The figure becomes proportional and the image becomes sensual and gentle. The feminine curves of the body are emphasized.
  • At the hips. Quite an original arrangement, which is not often chosen. Suitable for slender, skinny girls, as this accessory in the area of the hips is slightly fuller. Suitable for a dress in the style of “fish”.

belt for a wedding dress

How to make a belt with your own hands: instructions and possible options for decoration


If you have free time and desire, it is recommended to create this accessory with your own hands. It is not difficult to do this, if you follow the instructions:

  • It is necessary to prepare a ribbon of any fabric. It is recommended to choose satin, or chintz. The width of the belt: 5 cm, and the length is not less than 1 meter. Also prepare scissors, beads or beads.
  • It is necessary to measure the center of the ribbon and attach a beautiful brooch to it. On the sides it is supplemented with beads or beads. In the center, instead of a brooch, you can use a small bow of thin ribbons. It is neatly sewn on. On the sides it can also be decorated with beads or elegant rhinestones.
  • There is another option: the whole length of the ribbon is decorated with lace. It is neatly sewn, and pearls and beads are attached on top of it. For this you will need glue. The beads should be at an equal distance from each other. Glue must be used carefully so that it does not smear on the ribbon.
  • The finished ribbon only needs to be tied over the dress in the right place.


The belt is of great importance for the wedding gown. If it is chosen correctly, the image will become more feminine and romantic.