Wedding Accessories

wedding accessories

A wedding day is always a memorable event. Carefully thought out details give it a special atmosphere. Just wedding accessories can magically transform the wedding ceremony into an exciting holiday, which every bride dreams of since childhood.


However, today there are accessories that moms of today’s brides know and remember, for example, ribbons and dolls, decorating the wedding cortege. And there are those that came into fashion relatively recently, and today more and more often the decoration of the hall at the wedding is not balloons, but textiles, all kinds of lace and garlands of flowers.


Types and variety


All existing accessories for the wedding can be divided into such types:

  • For the bride, which include in addition to the bouquet and veil purse, veil or other jewelry, garter, etc;
  • For the groom and friends. They include a bowtie, boutonniere, etc;
  • For the marriage ceremony. These include: candles, champagne glass decor, cushions for wedding rings, a book in which guests can leave their wishes to the newlyweds, a folder which will contain a certificate of marriage;
  • Car and walk-in registries;
  • Decorating County Recorder/Clerk: wedding arches, tables, chairs;
  • For photo shoots, which include volumetric letters, inscriptions, figures, outfits.


This list can go on to infinity, and each couple can choose special and unique handmade wedding accessories for an unforgettable day to their taste.

A Bride’s Note


In addition to costume jewelry, accessories for the bride include gloves and purse, headgear, as well as everything that adorns the wedding hairstyle. Today there are so many bridal attributes that it can be quite difficult to make a choice on something specific.


Specialists in wedding decoration will help not to get lost in the huge variety. They advise what exactly the wedding accessories can serve as a starting point in choosing not only the dress, but also the style of the entire wedding. 


For example:

  • Make the hand more graceful will help long gloves;
  • Freshen up the complexion with the help of delicate decorations on the head;
  • And bright jewelry will allow the bride to surprise all invited guests and relatives with its unpredictability.


Popular today is quite an intimate element of a woman’s dress – a garter, which can rightly be called an element of the modern wedding ceremony. Watching the groom at the end of the wedding feast, pulling the garter from the young woman’s leg with his teeth, a considerable number of guests remain.


What can you take for the photo session


Variety in the wedding photo shoot will give accessories for the wedding photo shoot:

  • For romance, use a lace umbrella to cover from the sun (or a fan);
  • A stylish heart-shaped umbrella will create a colorful accent;
  • For a dazzling exit from the wedding palace, hand out clappers, rose petals, and confetti to your friends and family;
  • You can use soap bubbles as a backdrop for the walk out. It will look indescribably magical in the photos;
  • And if you put “angel wings” on the children, the wedding union will be blessed by angels from heaven.


Where to order accessories


If you want to create a unified style of the wedding, a special atmosphere of the celebration or need a creative photo shoot using wedding accessories, you should also turn exclusively to the professionals. Remember that saving on decor and “beautiful wrapping” can turn out to be a miserable celebration.


When choosing wedding decor, there is no need to stop at the cheapest accessories store. If you need an excellent price-quality ratio, and you do not want to store at markets, feel free to go to a studio or salon. The photo catalog will allow you to find interesting options for stylish accessories that will please you not only in appearance but also in cost.