Cascade bouquet of the bride, ideas and master class with photo

cascade bouquet

The bouquet is an integral part of the image of the bride. It is an indicator of her taste, and also serves as a stylish accessory that can add a touch of tenderness and romance to the outfit. Bouquet, created from exotic flowers, can act as a bright accent of the image, attracting admiring glances. Topical and creative solution for the celebration is a cascade bouquet. It can be contrast or delicate, have clearly delineated contours or look airy. This type of bouquet will help to realize the most unusual fantasies of any woman.


Features of a cascade bouquet


Cascade bouquets are very popular among fashionable florists and brides. They stand out among other types of external splendor, sophistication and solemnity. In addition, cascade – the form in which the bouquets of this type are made – perfectly combined with almost any model of wedding dresses. However, when choosing a cascade bouquet, it is necessary to take into account all the subtleties: its price, the style of the wedding, as well as the possibility of creating a harmonious combination with the image of the bride.


Cascade bouquet is a composition of flowers, the form of which is a combination of a circle and a triangle. It can be created strictly along the proportions, and the bouquet will have a classic festive look, or look more airy, bringing a sense of light carelessness. The most romantic and delicate bouquets will be those made in pastel colors.


A bouquet for the bride should look natural (or consist of fresh flowers), and it is necessary that it be light, comfortable and durable. The girl should feel comfortable with this accessory.


The arrangement of flowers in a cascading bouquet can be the most diverse: in lines, chaotic or combined in groups. The appropriate option is chosen according to the preferences of the bride or the advice of an experienced florist, who will help to create a composition that will suit the festive image.


Who is suitable for a cascade bouquet


When choosing a wedding bouquet, you should pay attention to several factors.


  • The height of the bride. The accessory of this type is excellent for brides of high growth, possessing a slender figure. At the same time, low girls who choose a cascade bouquet will visually reduce their height. Therefore, it is better for short brides to refrain from buying such an accessory. But if your heart is for it, you should pay attention to not too long options.
  • The combination of the accessory with the dress. Cascade bouquet is not suitable for short wedding dresses, but long dresses look great with it. The most successful with this accessory are the white models of the A-silhouette and straight cut, as well as options with a train, with a bouffant skirt and dresses in the Greek style.
  • Girls who choose the image of the “Princess”, it is recommended to pay attention to cascading bouquets without decorative elements. And restrained and elegant dresses will be perfectly combined with a richly decorated accessory.

How to hold a bouquet correctly


A cascade bouquet looks great if you hold it with both hands at waist level or just below it. Such a variant of wearing it will attract the attention of those present to the flowers, as well as emphasize the elegance of the image. It is possible to hold the bouquet with one hand. But such an accessory can be too heavy, so the first method is still preferable.


Bouquet of roses


A wedding bouquet of roses is an accessory that has become a classic. These flowers, long considered a symbol of tenderness and elegance, perfectly combined with other plants, which allows you to create unique compositions with them. The photos below show different ways to create colorful and delicate bouquets of roses.


Lilies, orchids and peonies


Lilies and orchids are the favorite flowers of many girls. They are very often used in creating cascading bouquets. With lilies and orchids can make a successful classic or combine a few kinds of flowers composition.


Such a bouquet will look wonderful in wedding photos and videos.


Cascade arrangements with peonies will add tenderness and naturalness to the image of the bride. Bouquets with these flowers look airy. Peonies are in harmony with other flowers, all kinds of branches, herbs and leaves.

cascade bouquet

How to make a cascade bouquet with your own hands


The original cascade accessory can make with their own hands every bride. The following master class will be useful for those who do not want to go to a florist and want to implement the conceived on their own.


To create a bridal bouquet you will need artificial orchids (or real teepees), wire, floral paper or ribbons and a portrait bouquet.


The way to create a composition:

  1. Insert a wire 10-15 cm long into the base of the flower stem. Wrap the plant with it, starting from the petals and ending with a mount, and then twist. Wrap the top of the stem with floral paper.
  2. Do the same with the other plants you plan to include in the arrangement. Once you are done with the flowers, you can proceed to create the branches of the plant. To do this, you need to fasten the wires together and wrap them with floral paper. To fix it better, you can use glue. The resulting branches should be attached to the edges of the portico.
  3. Attach flowers and leaves to the portbouquette. The beautiful handle of the bouquet can be made from satin ribbons, matching the color. Glue will help to fix them. An unusual wedding cascade bouquet is ready!


Cascading or dangling bouquet of the bride is a bright and original solution for a luxurious wedding. This stylish and always relevant accessory will help to attract the rapturous glances of others and emphasize the excellent taste of the bride.