Types of wedding bouquets

wedding bouquets

It is impossible to create the image of the bride without using numerous accessories and obligatory attributes. One of them is the wedding bouquet. When drawing up a floral composition, it is necessary to take into account everything that concerns the overall decoration of the celebration, the nuances of the bride’s attire, the style of her dress, the features of jewelry.


Among the many options, the most popular and popular are recognized 12 ways to compose such compositions. These are the kinds of wedding bouquets that have a certain semantic load and are able not just to attract the attention of guests, but also to complement the created image, expressing all the feelings of the young.


Popular forms of wedding bouquets


Modern florists prefer to refuse to compose wedding bouquets in the form of flowers gathered on a floral sponge or simply tied with a satin ribbon.


Experienced craftsmen recommend that brides pay attention to the popular new forms that can be given to the floral arrangement, complementing the bride’s attire.


Such bouquets are able to emphasize the stateliness of the young beauty, symbolize the feelings she has for the groom, emphasize the style features of the wedding celebration.




One of the most original among the existing types of wedding flower arrangements. To create it, several varieties of flowers and plants are used, which are collected in a bouquet, laying in peculiar rows or layers.


In each such row of flowers of the same type and the top of a bouquet – a few plants that play the role of the basis of the composition. The most common is to make a biedermeier of several varieties of roses, complementing them with foliage or lace.


There are two ways to assemble a bouquet:

On a portbouquette (this will help to extend the life of the plants);

On their own stems. In this version the flowers are arranged in a spiral and fix the stems with tape or duct tape.


The main advantage of such a bouquet is that it is suitable for all brides regardless of age, height, features of the figure. It is used as an attribute to the outfit created for a wedding in the classic style.




One of the most creative and even extravagant bouquets. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it is collected by individual petals, creating one big flower.


During the assembly to fix the petals of a fantastic flower that does not exist in nature, use a glue gun, which provides structural strength. Most often make such a flower from artificial materials, which guarantees lightness and durability.


It can be safely thrown, placed and easily held in the hand. The negative trait is the high cost. To make such a bouquet, it takes a lot of effort and a large amount of time.



Perhaps the most popular bouquet, which is collected on a portbouquet or using the technique of laying flowers in a spiral.


To create this composition, the master uses a framework. The fixation is strong, using a variety of flowers, which allows you to create a unique composition. Suitable for young brides of high stature. Pros – a long time of existence, as when using a portbouquetnika flowers get extra moisture.


The minus can be considered a rather large weight of the design. It is difficult for a bride to hold the bouquet in her hand for a long time, so the newlyweds often hold the flowers in such a bouquet with two hands.




A structural bouquet is an opportunity to create a floral arrangement of any shape from a variety of flowers and plants. Its shape is most often asymmetric.


To create it you need all kinds of flowers with stems of different lengths. This makes it possible to give the composition any, even the most unusual shape:





The advantage of such a bouquet is that such a composition is made taking into account individual preferences of the bride and the features not only of the dress and the theme of the wedding, but also the general decoration of the celebration.


It is possible to use:

blossoming flowers;





clusters of berries.


The disadvantage is the rather large weight of the design. Such a bouquet is not suitable for all brides.




Enjoys great demand and increased popularity. Collect such a bouquet you can on your own, without resorting to the help of a qualified florist. You need a portico, which will ensure the presence of moisture and help to prolong the freshness and attractiveness of the flowers collected in a bouquet.


To assemble a hemisphere, you can use both live plants and artificial garden or wildflowers. In most cases:




unfolded carnations;




The ball 


Its main advantage and distinctive feature is the absence of noticeable stems. Only opened flowers or delicate buds are visible. A satin ribbon allows you to hold the bouquet or hang it on your wrist. Such a composition is suitable for young brides, whose attire can be both puffy and form-fitting. Girls full and small height should refuse such a bouquet, replacing it with a flowing, rod or structural.


The advantage of the wedding balloon is the low weight, the possibility to use for its creation:

a variety of flowers;






One of the most attractive wedding bouquets. For its creation can be used:




calla lilies.


Decorate and complement the composition with branches, buds on long legs. Positive features are the outlines, comfort, combination with dresses of different styles. To create a composition, you can use fresh and artificial flowers, berries. It is not desirable to choose a cascade bouquet for girls of high growth, it is not always combined with a tight dress, it is uncomfortable to throw and put. Such a bouquet is better to keep in hand all the time.


Depending on the created image of the bride select the parameters of the composition. The desired shape of the bouquet is given with the help of a wire frame. The most popular form is a drop. If such a bouquet is installed in a high vase, it will be a beautiful decoration of the presidium (table for the newlyweds). Drop bouquet – a kind of cascade composition, created from a variety of flowers.

cascade bouquet



The homeland of this miniature bouquet is France. These are original floral arrangements created from a variety of materials, fresh and artificial flowers. The formation requires a cone-shaped vase that acts as a handle.


In most cases, such vases are the result of manual painstaking labor, which significantly increases the cost of the bouquet.


The tussie-mousie bouquet is light, almost weightless. It can be held in the hand for a long time, easily tossed, and can be put or placed in a small container where there is no water. The decorations are:

large beads;



Light lace.




To assemble a wand bouquet, you will need fresh flowers on their own very long stems.


They are attached to the wire and fixed with a taping. Assemble bouquets of:

calla lilies;






Bouquet of wand will suit brides at a classic wedding. The dress of the hostess of the celebration should be long and puffy. It perfectly emphasizes the features of the created image, but also has some negative features.Such a bouquet is not intended to be thrown to the crowd of girlfriends, it can not always be put, to set it on the table, will need a tall vase.




Composition of the number of unconventional, creative and even extravagant. It looks beautiful in the hand of a bride in a long dress. Light and convenient.


To assemble such a bouquet, you can use not only open flowers or buds, but also feathers, leaves, berries. The base is a frame made of plastic rails or cardboard, covered with textiles, satin, lace.


It is not suitable for throwing in a crowd of girlfriends, but is very popular because of the unusual shape and the ability to create their own unique composition from a variety of materials.


Basket, clutch


The basket can be put on the elbow or wrist, and the muff hides the hands, which is especially important for winter weddings. This bouquet owes its popularity to its unusual shape and the possibility to use not only flowers but also berries, leaves and branches in the composition.


Despite the fact that it can’t be thrown to the bridesmaids, brides often choose this form of wedding bouquet. It looks great with a long and short, tight and puffy outfit. Becomes a successful addition to the image of the bride at the wedding in the style:





wedding bouquets

Arrangement for the hand


Flowers on the wrist in the form of a bracelet became popular many years ago. Floral composition for the hand is popular today, even if the bride to create the image chose not a veil, and a wreath or a hat. To assemble such a bracelet can be using:



rosebuds (removing the thorns);

decorative carnations.


From the additional elements of decoration you will need feathers or leaves, berries or thin twigs. The choice depends on the specifics of the style in which the wedding is held, the personal preferences of the bride and the imagination of the master.


How to choose the shape of the bouquet for the bride’s figure and dress – tips


The form of the wedding bouquet is selected only after the bride’s outfit is ready.


This essential attribute emphasizes the features of the dress, symbolizes tenderness and devotion, innocence and purity, passion and determination. The form chosen for the composition of the flower composition should be combined not only with the style of the bride’s dress, but also with her height or age.


All this depends not only on what flowers were used in composing the composition, but also on the form of the bouquet chosen:

Red calla lilies or roses on long stems, collected in a bouquet of a rod, are combined both with a lush, and with a figure-fitting dress. Such a bouquet stylists recommend choosing for high, statuesque, young and mature brides. Flowers gathered in a “rod” or “scepter” combine well with a pantsuit.

To emphasize the slimness and height of the bride, it is better to abandon the wedding ball and give preference to a cascading bouquet. Let it be a drop or waterfall, then even in a puffy outfit the girl will look slimmer and taller.

Muff – looks great against the background of the princess dress.

Basket or fan will be a complement to the image created for the wedding in style, where the bride is dressed in a short dress with a skirt “sun”.

A wedding ball and a hemisphere – perfectly combined with short and long dresses, where the bride is not just a hostess holiday, but a real princess at her first, main in life ball.


Also important is the color scheme in which the floral arrangement is composed. White-red, blue, yellow flowers will be the basis for a bouquet of biedermeier, stacked, as if from several tiers.