Style your wedding: the ultimate guide


One of the most important tasks in planning a wedding is choosing a style for the future celebration. Wedding offers several topical solutions that will emphasize the individuality of your couple and help create a unique atmosphere of the celebration. The choice is yours! 




Tenderness, lightness and a sea of flowers are the main features of a wedding in the romantic style. In the best traditions of Hollywood movies about love, it is full of touching moments: from a slideshow with baby pictures of the bride and groom, to the sincere words of wedding vows, which will make even the most serious guests weep.


Who it suits: emotional lovers who are ready to declare their feelings to the whole world.


Wedding images: elegant, not pretentious. The bride can choose a dress of lace and light flowing fabrics, complementing it with a sophisticated tiara or fresh flowers. And the groom can try on suits in light shades with suspenders and a vest instead of a jacket.


Details: Turn an old mansion or a fancy restaurant into a fragrant garden. The florals and decor are peonies, roses and field plants that work well with the gold elements in the decor of the room. Add to this the muted flicker of candles, floral ornaments and quotes about love in the decor to make the setting a beautiful continuation of your personal story.


Color scheme: predominantly pink, peach and all shades of white.




If you dream of a lavish party that guests will remember for years to come, feel free to choose this style. It may seem overly opulent to some, but it has a special charm. When else will you be able to try on a princess dress and feel all the charms of dolce vita?


Who it suits: The couples who want to be in the spotlight and ready to party until morning.


Wedding images: take your inspiration from Hollywood stars! Try on a sexy open-back dress from Lebanese couturier Zuhair Murad or change three outfits in one evening like American model Chrissy Teigen. The groom can also add a few luxurious elements to his look: a designer watch, a jeweled pin and a bright tie.


Details: the glamour style allows for the most daring ideas. Ice sculptures, a pyramid of champagne glasses and lighting – everything should create the atmosphere of the main party of the year. Ask the decorator to decorate the hall with mirrors in massive gold frames, candelabras and feathers. Chic and glittery!


The color scheme: white, pink, black and gold.




This is one of the most popular styles. When expectation and reality will certainly coincide. The restrained and refined style of a wedding, we believe, will never go out of fashion. At a classical wedding, you will not see original color combinations and daring designs. Everything is traditional and predictable in a good sense, it is only important to put a part of yourself into the holiday and make it personalized.


Who is suitable for: a conservative couple with a refined taste and those who are not ready for bold experiments.


Wedding images: for the bride – a traditional white dress to the floor, long veil and luxurious tiara. A bouquet in pastel colors will complete the image. For the groom – a stylish tuxedo or a three-piece suit in dark colors, a tie or a bow tie.


Details: luxury and elegance are the words that best describe a wedding in the classic style. Consider a dress code for guests in advance, order invitations with calligraphy and consider locations with prominent architecture. This may be an ancient castle, a downtown mansion or a chic banquet hall with moldings and sculptures. And, of course, a floral arch at which the lovers will say their vows.


The color scheme: all shades of white, pink, peach, lilac, blue, gold and silver.



Perfect for couples who like to live in a metropolis. If a glamorous party is too much for you, suggest that the wedding planner think of a concept in an urban style. A minimum of flashy details combined with a spacious loft interior is your main guideline.


Who it suits: couples who strive for self-expression, who follow fashion and do not tolerate the mundane.


Wedding looks: the modern style implies conciseness and the presence of fashionable elements. Try satin and lace dresses A-silhouette, the groom – the classic pants, velvet jacket and a narrow tie.


Details: The loft can be decorated with lights, light garlands, trendy steel and glass sculptures, gold, black, silver or transparent balloons with confetti inside. Floral decoration in noble dark colors with the use of metal structures is possible. Craft leather furniture and upholstered area with velvet sofas and chairs. Set up a guest bar and arrange with a popular DJ to make guests feel like they’re at a party.


Color scheme: white, brown, dark gray, purple, indigo.




This style intertwines romance, love of freedom, ethnic motifs and an abundance of bright colors. Eclectic is the key word. But boho-chic implies impeccability, because “boho” comes from the word “bohemian.” Take traditional moments and give them a special flavor. For example, decorate the bride’s path to the ceremony site with oriental rugs, and instead of traditional tables, arrange soft zones.


Who it suits: Bright couples who want to show their individuality.


Wedding looks: who better to experiment with the color of a wedding dress than a bride who has chosen a boho-chic style? Look out for straight cut styles with embroidery, fringe and feathers. The color palette can range from traditional white to noble wine. The groom should try on chinos and a shirt with rolled up sleeves instead of a tuxedo and leather accessories to complete the look.


Details include Maroccan patterns, macramé, semiprecious stones and colored glassware. Give guests dream catchers, and instead of a guest book offer to sign a Polaroid snapshot.


Color scheme: All colors of the rainbow.




One of the main trends of this year, which is the exact opposite of glamour. At such a wedding there should not be anything unnecessary – free and bright space, comfortable seating and monochrome.


Who is suitable for: a harmonious couple who dreams of a celebration in a small circle.


Wedding images: modern style suggests that on the wedding day the bride will wear a stylish dress with clear lines in the spirit of Meghan Markle or choose a style with a cape. Finish the image with a neat hairstyle with delicate embellishment. Groom’s stylists recommend a black or ash-gray tuxedo with a minimum of accessories.


Details: geometric design, monochrome and lack of bright color accents. The decor at such a wedding can use a minimum – a few branches of greenery, vases with plants, drapery of chiffon. Furniture: chairs made of transparent plastic or wood. Instead of an arch, a drawing on the wall.


Color scheme: white, black, gray, emerald.




The rustic style “originated” in the United States. “Rustic” means rural. It is based on country elements: simplicity, lightness and rustic comfort. Arrange the feast in a country guesthouse with wooden houses or in a cozy restaurant with an outdoor terrace. The main condition is closeness to nature and a desire to be creative in decorating the wedding.


Who it suits: Those who like naturalness and want to spend the most important day away from the bustle of the city.


Wedding images: the bride should wear a lace wedding dress and a floral wreath instead of a veil. Instead of a sleek hairstyle – as if touched by the wind curls and natural makeup. For the groom, the best option would be a suit made of natural materials, a bright handmade bowtie, a hat and a boutonniere of wild flowers.


Details: sacking, linen, cotton, pampas grass, wildflowers and natural wood furniture are perfect for creating a rustic setting. Complement the design with swings, garlands of lights, flags and a soft area with cushions and plaids. Invitations in scrapbooking technique and hand-made items of decoration are welcome.


The color scheme: cream colors with accents of pink, yellow and orange.




Despite its apparent simplicity, retro is a complex style. To turn on the “time machine,” you’ll need plenty of vintage items: from accessories to a typewriter to a retro car. Each piece must be with a story and/or be associated with the period that is chosen as the basis.


Suitable for: Movie buffs and conservatives.


Wedding looks: The outfits should look stylish and indicate the chosen era at a glance. The bride can try on her great-grandmother’s dress or sew a custom outfit in the style of a particular decade of the last century. The groom should wear a jacket made of velvet or tweed, a bow tie and a vintage watch.


Details: the nuances of the interior, furniture, serving, menu, transport, music – all the artifacts of the chosen decade.


Color scheme: muted shades of gray, beige, pink, turquoise, coral.




More and more couples are coming to conscious consumption and trying to have an eco-friendly wedding. The style is based on caring for the environment. Try to use only natural materials, rent decor if possible. In addition, you can refuse the standard menu in favor of a vegetarian menu and switch from conventional transport to eco-friendly – golf carts, boats, horses.


Suitable for: couples who love nature and care about future generations.


Wedding looks: opt for a simple flying dress made of silk, satin or chiffon. Consider models with elongated sleeves, accentuating the look with delicate earrings or a few bracelets. The groom may choose a classic suit or opt for a casual style.


Details: For an eco-style wedding, couples usually go to out-of-town hotels. But if you decide to spend this day in the city, then you need a restaurant with its own green area, where there will be a lot of light and air. Natural decor and a minimum of unnecessary details. Wicker furniture.


Color scheme: according to the seasons: nature is the best artist.




The natural, or “green,” style is considered a sophisticated version of an eco-wedding. If you like the outdoors and are ready to try on an image with vintage elements, feel free to choose this style.


Who it suits: creative and original couples.


Wedding looks: emphasize the figure by choosing a flowing dress of chiffon or tulle with dropped shoulders. And the main detail will be designer embroidery or secret messages on the veil. The main requirement for the groom’s suit – it should not be boring. Combine the conservative style with a bow in wine or emerald color and do not forget to order a boutonniere in the tone of the bride’s bouquet.


Details: a riot of greenery, the main color combination is white and green. The main inspiration for a wedding is nature itself, water, plants, flowers. Weddings in this style often use juicy accents in the form of fruits and flowers of the same shades, as well as hanging vases in the form of drops, plant prints and garden furniture in the interior. A country mansion with a well-kept garden is ideal for the celebration. Another chip of this style is an unusual arch for registration in the form of a hedge.


The color scheme: white, gray, green, yellow, orange, burgundy.


Wedding on the beach


Many lovers dream of having an oceanfront wedding in the presence of their closest loved ones. Saying your vows under the sound of the surf, admiring the sunset and enjoying the paradisiacal view is not a reason to think about an away wedding?


Suitable for: Avid travelers and seafarers.


Wedding images: The bride’s outfit can be as airy, with open shoulders and a veil fluttering in the wind, or more daring – a mini-dress and sandals. The groom can easily forgo the jacket in favor of a cotton shirt and sand-colored pants.


Details: everything that is associated with the sea, vacations and the seaside. Shells, corals, snags, snow-white curtains and an archway near the water, decorated with chiffon or orchids. But the main thing should be a stunning view of the ocean or the sea bay with yachts.


The color scheme: white, cream, beige, navy blue, sky blue, light gray.




Many people assume that the woodland style is the same as rustic, only for an autumn or winter wedding. In fact, this style is more sophisticated and suitable for any season. Its distinctive feature is the forest entourage with springs, benches in the form of fallen trees and an abundance of unusual details.


Suitable for whom: those who like long walks and dream of having a wedding in an atmosphere of mystery.


Wedding images: the main colors of this style are beige and brown, so look at the gowns of Ivory or Ivory. Bouquet – from field plants or from cones, cotton and dried branches. The groom can complete his image with a hat, and for the walk in the woods and the photo session together with the bride he can change his shoes into rubber boots.


Details: try to use as many natural elements as possible and ask a decorator to create an exquisite landscape design. If it’s fall, fallen leaves, pumpkins as decor, pinecones, twigs or sheaves of hay would look great. Also, decor in the form of a watermill or fountains blended into the landscape.


Colors: Beige, brown, gray, green, ochre.