What to wear to a wedding as a guest

wear to a wedding as a guest

One day there comes a day when a family is born. Two people decide to turn everything in life upside down and let in a companion, with whom they will go hand in hand through life. This holiday is called a wedding. Nothing should spoil it, not even throwing a little shade. Everything on it is perfect. They start planning a wedding long before the appointed date. Prepare for it and the guests. Receiving an invitation and responding to the agreement, they must be prepared in advance to be dictated by the newlyweds.


The wedding dress code


The chosen wedding script is adhered to by all guests. Scenario options are limited to the following themes.


Color scheme. The chosen color (purple, emerald, lavender, sand, rainbow colors) implies dresses, suits, shirts of that color.


Theme. The clothing style is chosen: retro, masquerade, Indian theme, fantasy.


Free choice. Guests choose an outfit of their choice.


Creative. This option is not often in fashion. This look is chosen by rockers, sexual minorities, fans of clubs or directions.


Specificity. Bridesmaids should be in the same fashion.


Rule of thumb for choosing colors for guests



  • No white color should be chosen. This advantage is given to the bride.
  • Black is a rather gloomy color for a wedding ceremony. Men’s suit should be a couple of shades lighter. For a woman, a “little black dress” with some kind of accessory is acceptable.
  • “No” to leopard print.
  • “Yes” – plaid, stripes, color prints.
  • Always in the spotlight bright, juicy fabrics.
  • Accessories: tinted, in tone, with elements of “predatory” colors always bring “zest” to the outfit.

The rule of style for guests


Since the solemnity of the moment involves a formal part, the outfit can not be in a sporty style (unless this is provided by the invitation).


Restrained comfortable classics will be appropriate at the time of competitions, photo session, as well as on the dance floor.


For men will suit a classic two-three with a colorful shirt and a stylish tie.


If the guests come as a couple, this can be reflected in the accessories, such as a handbag tie or neck scarf “butterfly”.


Guests with children may be advised to have a “femilie bow.”

  • color,
  • style,
  • material,
  • accent,
  • style,
  • print.


Style of dress for a wedding.


Dress “Footlock” – comfortable, feminine, stylish.


“Mallet” – an elegant model with an asymmetrical hem, somewhat shortened in the knee area.


“Maxi” to the floor is ideal for a wedding party.


With an open neckline, you should have a shawl on the shoulders or a bolero to attend the sacrament of the Wedding.


European rules of etiquette.


Recently, it is fashionable to do weddings in romantic cities: Paris, Venice, Rome. In such a case, it is worth observing European standards:


Aged ladies should not wear clothes without sleeves. We cover the elbow joint with a “Three-quarter” sleeve. The length of the skirt “Just below the knee” is considered a good tone.


What to consider when choosing a dress for the wedding


Age features. What will look perfect on ladies of balzac age (pantsuits, dresses of noble colors), on young girls will look ridiculous. They are more suitable for light colors, bright outfits, more open, shortened models.


The venue of the holiday. Luxurious images will look pretentious at a wedding of a budget format.


The time of year. The weather conditions influence the choice of festive clothing. In winter, you should not dress up in thin fabrics. Warmer material is not only more appropriate in this situation, but will also create an atmosphere of comfort.


Short light clothing can be worn in the fall and spring season, combined with insulated elements: boots, tights from 50 denim.


Strapless models are suitable in hot weather. Lightweight fabrics and flowing styles will make the figure more attractive.


The length of the dress. Depending on the capabilities of the figure a woman chooses the acceptable length of the skirt. It is important not to look vulgar.


Fabrics and texture. A fashionable trend is lace. A lace silhouette “sits” well on any age and weight category.


A stylish image. The combination of shoes, hairstyles, accessories, manicure, makeup is a stylish image. Less makeup and hairspray. The more natural the image, the more eyes are attracted to it.


Pleated – the tenderness that experienced not the first wave of youth. It looks flirty with any color scheme.

wear to a wedding as a guest

Topical Colors


No matter how fashion changes, there will always be admirers of traditional looks. Aggressive, defiant red, solemn, sexy black and delicate, romantic white will always be in trend.




In the center of attention is an unconventional bright appearance. With a little detail of less prominent tones will suit any occasion.




The strictness and mystery of the black outfit will be appreciated especially if the shoes on stilettoes, thin tights and extravagant bag are chosen.




Refinement and chastity. If you want to wear something light, a milk shade or a shade of “champagne” is recommended.

wear to a wedding as a guest

How to create a complete look


The invitation card is given in advance. This is because the newlyweds are given a long period of time to prepare, to test their feelings. Such a gift of fate can be used to create their own unique image.


There is no need to run out and buy the first thing you see, and then get upset, seeing your reflection in the mirror, feel awkward at the celebration.


Planning the shopping, you need to look at fashion magazines, to evaluate the best designs, to assess their physical capacity and budget. Get a consultation stylist, makeup artist.


Wedding photos are stored for life, remain for posterity in the home archive, we must leave ourselves in the history of a decent form.


Important details


Some beauties, barely glancing at themselves, understand what details are missing. Others may spend hours turning around, looking at your reflection in search of solutions. The trendsetters offer typical solutions that can be played with to “own taste”:

  • Wearing more than three pieces of costume jewelry is overkill.
  • The rings, earrings, bracelet – in one style!
  • Bracelet harmonizes with a short sleeve
  • Things with long sleeves will emphasize the beads, big earrings.
  • High heel will suit to any style.
  • Shoes on the strap will be combined with the skirt “sunflower”.
  • Tandem plesset and sandals with open toes.
  • Handbag miniature is contraindicated to full ladies.